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Makeup Tips For Holi | How to Get HOLI Ready

Everything you need to be ready for Holi celebrations.

Holi is presently around the corner and let's facade it, it's all fun and games awaiting you come back home, take a wash and EVERYTHING about your skin and hair upset you. More than the actual enthusiasm of the festival, we use more time disturbing about what the colours are available to do to our favorite skin and hair. Almost everybody is sitting on the internet, googling different and simple ways they can defend their skin and hair and contain the utmost enjoyable on holi.

Well, your search ends correct here! We've decode some DO's & DON'Ts to make things a lot easier for you but it would help if you play with organic colours as avoidance is always better than make well!

Let's tap into the legit reason why these colours are dangerous for you, and then move on to how you can STILL conquer all those harmful chemicals and have a worriless holi! So let's begin!

At first, years ago, the only standard colour used was gulaal which was  prepared from flowers coming from trees, such as the Indian Coral Tree and the blaze of the Forest, that had medicinal properties, helpful to the skin. The standard reddish pink colour then in progress upgrading into many different colours which introduce the outbreak of chemicals into them!

As attractive as these colours look, what's in them strength just shock you. They're created by chemicals like copper sulphate, chromium iodide, aluminium bromide between others. If you're a bling fanatic, it will break your spirit to know that powdered glass gives these colours that gleaming achieve. thus these are best avoided.


- Oiling your hair and tiring a cap is the definitive hair care deception that you require to follow! Also, tying your hair in a braid or a bun and tuck it under the cap actually helps.

- Apply a kind amount of olive oil on your skin with a sunblock with at slightest SPF 50 and PA +++. Then, you can spray some more mattifying sunscreen to decrease the greasiness.

- Trim your fingernails and toe nails, and apply a coat of clear nail polish all over your nails include the cuticles and nail bed, which you can simply remove with a nail polish remover post holi. This will avoid the colour from going within and staying there.


- Exfoliation helps in actually getting rid of the stubborn layer of colour that firewood to your skin. You can use besan, sugar or honey for the same!

Remember that unlike all other indian festival, its best to dress DOWN and go totally carefree! So let’s do honesty to the spirit of Holi and dive into the pleasure of colours by just following these easy skin and hair care tips!

Happy Holi. Enjoy <3

Lots Of Love!

Designer Bridal Lehenga Makes The Bride Look Appealing

Bridal Lehenga Collection

Most of us have grown-up up seeing our aunties, girls  and cousins dressed up in a pink bridal lehenga or tomato red on their wedding. Most of the particular girls dream of their wedding team. After all, the wedding is a lifetime event that all bride wants to make the most of. Today, cuts, plenty of designs and lovely shades are accessible in the market for the wedding compilation.

Though a wedding outfit of any bride makes her feel particular and beautiful as in no way before, but here are some tips for addition more elegance and excellence-

Choose the Right Fabric - This is a important point that must be kept in mind while buying a wedding lehenga. Yes, the right fabric makes a obvious difference, so it is very important to choose the fabric according to body kind, be it pear, petite, apple or athletic. For instance, the rare silk is the best alternative for someone who is georgette and petite for little heavier body.

Lehenga must be Worn on the Right Spot - The part of the body correct above tummy and below the ribs is the wonderful spot to wear the bridal lehengas because it is the slimmest part of the girls' torso. As a bride, if you desire to show off your figure, this is the great spot to wear collection lehenga that can make you different look.

Go for the Right Sleeves Cuts - Generally, most of the brides don't take blouse as a precedence, but it is super significant part of a wedding outfit. After all, the photographer takes most of the shots of the higher half of the bride. Therefore, upper body will be in center more than lower one. Sleeves that cut off at the upper arms make them look casual and large while elbow length sleeves can create the bride look slim.

Go for Shapewear with Wedding Attire - Shapewears are in performance important role in creation the women pretty and look fit. A shapewear can actually provide help in receiving nice fit on the hips of women, particularly if it is worn under bridal lehenga or designer saree that are integral from the top.

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Know About Christmas Of Lights With Changing Fashion Trends

Christmas and New Year is the time when near & dear ones greet each other on this individual occasion and exchange good wishes & there is a lot of warmness & affection that is cherished through such meetings and find-together functions which is famous with much splendor and magnificence.

No wonder everyone is in their best Attire wearing the newest ethnic wear to flaunt & feel appreciated. In today's change times festivals are not just about rituals and ceremonies but it is also about generous one's wardrobe and making an feeling of sorts that paves the way to new trends which in-turn influences the fashion and style industry.

latest ethnic wear

Moreover, fashion soon changes so what was in fashion some months ago is no more in trend and that's how style changes since new styles replace the old ones and this cycle happens each year and is right this year too, there are some exclusive styles that will help you find a perfect festive look this Christmas, New Year and stun the folks around you.

Below given are the Style, fashion pointers that define the Changing Fashion Trends through the Festive season of New Year & Christmas.

Mix & Match dressing:

Modern day Christmas is all about trying a new combination of dresses and in recent times it is all about mixing & matching. The combinational dressing is the latest trend these days. One can go for new color combinations & styles which has never been tried before which can make your Christmas more Sparkling.


During festivals specially when it comes to Christmas, new year, It is the women Folks who are at their best as they can be seen wearing earrings, bangles, necklaces and rings. Christmas is considered to be an favorable day to buy gold ornaments and one can select from a variety of traditional jewellery. Also in new times there is a wide range of fusion jewelry available at simple EMI options and so is very pocket-friendly and simple to find.

Anarkali Suits:

The way ethnic wear as evolved is most obvious in the trendy Anarkalis suits we come crossways these days. Anarkali is an ideal wear which balances that yesteryears charm with the current style of today. It proves to be the most favored wear for any occasion. A lengthy Anarkali gown caressing the floor is amazing which can go well during this festive Christmas season.

Lehenga Choli:

If an uptown stylish desi look is what you wish for this Christmas then the at once cut lehenga dress will just do fine.The design & artwork makes It look totally gorgeous more so when paired with crop tops. Not only does it look wonderful, it will also make heads turn and make you the best-dressed person for the occasion.

Designer Saree Blouse Combo:

One of the best picks of the season happens to be heritage sarees like Gujarati Bandhani sarees, Banarasi, Kanchipuram and Calcutta types are most prefer by women from all age groups.To find that authentic traditional new look the sarees can be worn with designer blouses with Kutchi work. No marvel traditional blouses with involved work are most sought after and are the ideal tendency setters for this festive season.

Digital Prints:

Digital prints gives a different find up altogether! Off late such digital prints have storm the fashion scene & have created a place for itself. Digital prints are now organism used to create ethnic designer wear with a wide-ranging selection of traditional Anarkalis, ,  kurtas, dupattas, sarees, suits and so on.

Trendy palazzos:

The fashion for palazzo pants has been overwhelming with the "Gen-Y" crowd and has known rise to a whole variety of fusion wear. Palazzos comes in various forms & most of them these days have a cross style. One can either opt for sparkle type or net palazzos featuring distinct printed suits or kurtis which will certainly give you a nice trendy and modern look.

Everybody is in their best Attire wearing the latest ethnic wear to flaunt & feel appreciated.

Cool Men Style T-Shirts That Will Cheer Up Your Day

Printed t shirts Online Shopping

T-shirts are not only comfortable all day long, rather they can mark the largest fashion statement if selected and styled well. We are all conscious of the proverb, "Life is too short to wear boring clothes" and this maxim is what our young creation is following and compliant whole-heartedly. Sometimes you just require an endless pile of pleasant things and helpful feelings to keep you driven and create you even more helpful all the way through. Following the leaning, bright, colourful and vibrant tees are cultivating its way to amaze the buyers and shoppers. The glowing and chirpy tees on the block will absolutely cheer you up with its irregularity. Let's take a appear at the a lots of styles of t-shirts gaining popularity few months.

Those striking one-liners

One-liners, a.k.a. monologue jokes have happen to the talk of the town and consider me; they can make the ambience very enjoyable with its witty and powerful ideation. Spread pleasure wherever you go with some crazy and humorous blow lines to leave a mark. This curation is absolutely set to bring a smile on everyone's facade and keep you pumped all over.

The quirky affair

Your t-shirts funny need not be boring any longer with all the fun and individual prints available in the souk. This category is attracting a large section of people with its colorful and cool crafting. There are many stores which are promote funky and groovy prints mainly and they cater to enormous shoppers. So, toss up your old compilation and replace those boring t-shirts in your shelf with some good-humored and smirky prints to shout approval your whole day. Add a bit of drama to your droning life by substituting your usual tees with some joyful and thrilling prints.
Search Response HereCustom T-Shirts Design Reviews

Personalized tees

The newest trend these days is the option to customize a t-shirt of your own selection. What can be more fun than this? Get your inspired brushes intact and design a tee of your variety and flatter yourself. After all, if you get it, then flaunt it! This option is the mainly liked one as you have the liberty to personalize your t-shirt the way you desire it done. Many online stores are present the opportunity to create your preferred design at your own expediency.

The can't-do-without basics

Our reliable solid coloured t-shirts have forever accompanied us in every incident and situation. When in doubt, wear solids is what we have imbibed in ourselves. This has everlastingly existed and will always remain. However, the hues stay on changing with time. From pastel and simple shades, the focus has shifted towards more brilliant and vibrant colours. But the never-so-old solids will stick with us all the time in our life as a associate in crime.