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Fashionable Engagement Rings and Their Various Styles

Choosing an Engagement Ring for The One You Love

Making sure you pick the right style is imperative. However, how do you know which style to choose? There are literally thousands of looks to choose from but only a handful of styles and the style you go with should complement the look.

If your partner is more of a traditional and elegant type of person, this is the style of ring you will want to search for. For example, a classic solitaire setting is a timeless classic that never leaves the trend circuit. This type of ring puts all of the attention on the diamond due to its center cut positioning. There are no added features to the sides that take away from the main stone's appeal.
In most cases where a solitaire stone is featured, it will be nestled on a plain metal band. If you want to add a bit more pep to this design, consider opting for a trellis setting, which features interwoven prongs or a setting that suspends the diamond, called a basket frame.

For those who have outgoing personalities and prefer a more glamorous touch to their jewelry, consider a designer engagement ring that has the diamond set up higher. This style is referred to as a "halo setting." You can also opt for features like sparkling pave-set diamonds that can appear on the ring's band. Most halo settings come with a circle of stones around the middle diamond for a bigger look.

When your future fiancee happens to be a lover of the great outdoors, choose a style that incorporates organic elements in the setting. These can be depictions of leaves, flowers, vines, acorns, or even birds. You know your girlfriend best so choose something you know she will be delighted to have around her finger. Bezel or thin frames work best with this unique designer engagement style.

Designer Engagement Rings
Designer Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings

If your beloved is a hopeless romantic, woo her passionate side with a vintage engagement ring. Think in terms of antique jewelry, maybe the type that your grandmother wears on her finger. Ring settings should bear details of millgrain, filigree, or scroll work designs. The band should be gentle, pretty, and dainty. Princess cut diamonds work beautifully with this style.

Designing an engagement ring for the modern woman requires a contemporary style. If your partner enjoys all things trendy, posh, and new, consider a non-traditional setting. If she happens to be a bit more practical, you can still have a modern looking ring when set in a bezel frame. Add charm and sparkle by opting for diamond accents scattered around the width of the band.
In terms of accents, don't be afraid to play around with the idea of colored stones. Naturally, the main stone will most likely be a diamond but you can accent the rings with rubies, sapphires, or even smaller diamonds to give the ring a dash of color and a bit more depth. Accents come in an array of shapes and sizes such as channel settings, flush settings, and prong settings.

Adding an engraved inscription to your custom designer ring is a trend that has been in the jewelry circuit for quite some time. This sentiment is charming, sweet, and personal. Surprise your future bride with a small message or saying engraved on the inside of the band. Ideas include the date you met, your wedding date, a cute term of endearment, or a pet name.

In the end, the designer engagement ring that you decide on will be received well because it is a token of your love and admiration of your partner. Prepare to watch her face light up in surprise, contentment, and happiness when you ask, "Will you marry me?


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