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Menswear Fashion Trends in Autumn and Winter Collection

Menswear Fashion Trends Ever

Go Green

The main colour ways for this are greens, ranging from darker olive tones to lighter khakis. This is inspired by military designs, which have been increasingly popular for the past few years. However, rather than buttoned cuffs and epaulettes, menswear has borrowed the tones and shades of military clothing rather than the features as it has in the past. Everything from jackets, pullover knits and jeans are being worn in shades of green. Paired with other neutral colours such as black, grey or white, green menswear clothing can look smart and suit the colder seasons perfectly.

Keep it in Check

The lumberjack shirt has been a key piece in many people's wardrobes for many years, and in Menswear fashion 2015 this trend will continue unabated. It's not just shirts that are getting the check treatment this year, as jackets, coats and trousers are seeing a rise in plaid prints. Checked clothes are perfect for when you need a more subtle alternative to the graphic heavy prints that modern clothes are covered in, but still want to keep your outfit interesting. A great look for the end of this year is a dark coloured light jacket paired with checked trousers for a striking look.

Play the Right

Corduroy might conjure up images of a stuffy old professor or boring librarian, but has actually made a dramatic comeback in recent years. No longer is corduroy a symbol of the tedious but can actually be a stylish material that is both comfortable and warm. Cord shirts are particularly fashionable this autumn and winter and will work great with the neutral greens that are becoming increasingly popular. Make sure however, you go for a light cord 'wale', which is the name for the distance between each cord, as heavier corduroy can look old and tired very easily.
Get Some Leg Room

Our final trend for the AW season will see you throwing out those skinny jeans and embracing a wider cut of jeans. However, unless you are a runway model, wider fitting jeans can be difficult to pull off. If not paired with something subtle enough you can end up looking like you are wearing a zoot suit. Worn with a tighter fitting top or jacket can make the wider fit work perfectly however.

These simple tips will help you keep up to date with all the latest fashions and have you looking your best this winter!


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