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How to Cut and Sew a Preferred Salwar Kameez Designs

Best Indian Salwar Kameez

Indian Salwar Kameez are the most popular attire for the women in India. This outfit can vary in designs, cuts, and patterns. The basic design of salwar suits is not so difficult to make at home, if you are adept at cutting and embroidery.

To start with wounding and sewing the salwar suits at home, firstly decide the designs and patterns that you wish to make. Now, start with the following orders of making Indian salwar kameez at hourse address.

How to make the kameez of Indian salwar suits?

To make kameez of your favorite salwar kameez designs, start with the right capacity and their precise cutting. This is the measurement chart that you can follow for the same:

• Length of the kameez from shoulder till the length you desire to keep
• Size around chest
• Waist length from shoulder to the waist
• Sleeve length from shoulder to desired size
• Shoulder to shoulder length
• Neck size as desired
• Arm-hole size  
• Slit size from waist to the bottom of kameez

Take seam allowance of 1½ -3 inches in all these measurements.

1. Start with cutting the draft accurately with the required curves and openings as well as seam allowances.

2. Now, take your desired fabric. Fold it in half and attach the pattern paper onto it. Cut the fabric with precision to make the front part of the kameez. Similarly, cut the back portion as well. For back portion, the neck line can be shallower depending upon your style favorite. If there are any salwar kameez patterns that you wish to make, take care of them while cutting the fabric. For example, if there is a border print or design, place the fabric in the right manner to avoid any mistake that ruins the entire salwar kameez designs.

3. Using pins to attach the carry seams of both these parts together. Keep the fabric on reverse side, i.e. inside out. Stitch the shoulder seams and move to the side seams starting from the ending point of the sleeves up to the hemline. Now, hem the border of the kameez and sleeves as well.

4. Finish the neck opening with seaming it neatly.

5. Finally, you can use any embellished border or lace to enhance the salwar kameez designs and enhance your beauty in a kameez cut and sew by you.

How to cut and sew a salwar?

After making the kameez of salwar suits, you should also learn the making of salwar in a matching colour. To make the salwar, here are the measurements that you can start with:

• Length of salwar from waist to the ankle

• Width of salwar at the point where your thighs and hips are widest

• Size of flare at the ankle flare called as 'Pauncha'

Here again, leave seam allowance for stitching of salwar kameez patterns.

To start with stitching of salwar, firstly, cut a draft of these measurements on a pattern paper.

1. Start with folding the fabric on reverse side and again folding into half. This makes 4 layers of the fabric. Place the pattern paper over this fabric and draw the pattern as per measurements taken.

2. After marking, cut the fabric carefully leaving allowance of half to one inch on all sides. This makes the leg parts of the salwar.

3. Move on to the rest of parts like waist band and ankle bands. Cut them in appropriate size from the remaining fabric. Now, stitch ankle bands to the leg parts and waist band on the top of salwar.

4. It is time to join all the pieces together now. Start with stitching the leg parts of the salwar. Making pleats on it join the waist band. While doing this, ensure joint in the back of salwar meets with the joint in the front.

5. Finish the salwar with over locking of remaining fabric and inserting the drawstring into the waist band.

Your Indian salwar kameez is now ready to wear. You can try any stylish salwar kameez designs into the stitching if you are comfortable doing that.


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