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Are Aquamarine | Tourmaline Diamond Engagement Rings

As this is such an significant purchase, we be grateful for that you desire to take each step likely to ensure you're make the right option.

We've in use a closer look at tourmaline, aquamarine and diamond rings in this Blog for your expediency. We belief that, by the occasion you've arrive at the end, you comprise a lot improved thought on how to progress.

Tourmaline Rings

Tourmaline Rings
Tourmaline Rings

If you love the colour green but don't want an bright green, tourmaline might be the great alternative. every stone is special, which make them a truthfully unique option for an wedding engagement ring. They're regularly describe as being composite with strong, vivid colours and special shades within the one piece.

The other huge thing about tourmaline rings is that shady green is not the only colour that's offered. It is likely to get this stone in a diversity of other colours, include blue, red and pink. Tourmaline is regularly referred to as 'the gemstone of the colorful because of the diversity of colours obtainable.

Aquamarine Rings

aquamarine rings white gold
aquamarine rings white gold

Another choice to the fixed diamond engagement ring, aquamarine comes in a pensive, light blue, green colour. It's in fact a relative of the bright green (although you wouldn't pick it since of it's colour) and it's a fraction of the beryl family. These gravel have a rigidity rating of 7.5 to 8, sense that they are clever to resist scratch and have a soaring amount of polish. 

For a truthfully stunning alternative, we in fact suggest an aquamarine and diamond ring - the light blue colour is completely offset against the white - particularly when slash in a round location. The stone may have some unclear flaws, except these will be hardly obvious unless you're scrutinize it with a magnify glass. Whilst deeper blue shades do tend to be additional expensive, the clearest blue aquamarine rings are frequently prized for their ocean-like magnificence.


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