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Artificial or Costume Jewellery for Indian Women

Online Artificial Jewellery Shopping

Surprisingly sufficient the history of artificial OR costume jewellery in India dates back to many millennia. Even by the advent of valuable metals like gold and silver, Indian women and men used to decorate themselves with wooden jewellery. So, however current it may show, the history of artificial and costume jewellery in India has its roots in early times. So, the leaning of Indian women and girls towards costume jewellery is only usual.

Artificial or Costume Jewellery
Artificial or Costume Jewellery

Let us see some details of Artificial or Costume Jewellery for Indian women:

Hoop Earrings

As the name advise, Hoop Earrings are the earrings that are a round band of metal or wood with visual designs. These earrings are usually big and are most excellent fitted on a little large ears.


The girls or women with small ears be supposed to avoid trying these earrings as they will appear oversized on little ears.

These earrings are best corresponding with intricately designed necklace with a big pendant. Bright colors like pink, blue, green completely accentuates the look of Hoop earrings.


Different hoop earrings, tops are tiny overstated pieces to be worn in the inferior earlobes. Tops are perfect for the women with little ears and completely enhances their magnificence. They are obtainable in a variety of shapes and sizes: usual, contemporary, funky, square, oval and even irregular shapes like hexagonal.


Exhausting heavy or intricate jewellery with tops can simply "hide" them from the sight. So it is extremely recommendable to wear glow jewellery to completely stress and match the tops.
A thin sequence with small jewelry and a simple but brilliant colored ring is the most excellent fit to be worn out with ear tops.

It is very significant that the color of tops, pendant and ring should there a exacting color scheme; either compliment, contrasting or present a exclusive aesthetical trio. similarly the guide and character should also be careful for the best diagram effect.


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