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Essential Symbols in Masonic Jewelry and Lore

Masonic Jewelry Symbols

The square and area are the foremost symbol, which often denote a Masonic temple or lodge, but there are far more ordinary symbols that this organization uses. It is not rare for some of these symbols to be unrecognized as pertaining to the Masons and Lore, but they can regularly be seen on Masonic jewelry and in Masonic literature and ritual. Here is a small more tips said symbols.

Masonic necklaces men
Masonic necklaces men
Square and Compass: 

This is the most famous of Mason symbols and is feature in Masonic jewelry most highly. This is the symbol you will see on the jewels of Masonic Grand Masters, and which will adorn their buildings, , seals, Lodges and letterhead. These are the tools of architect and are used characteristically to teach lessons within the organization. "The square, to square our measures; The compasses, to confine and keep us within bound with all mankind." Is a renowned quotation and detail of the symbol as establish in Duncan's Masonic Monitor, write in 1866.

Skull and Crossbones: 

In new times we always connect the skull and crossbones symbols (the Jolly Roger) with piracy or toxicity. In fact the symbol has a straight Latin translation. It is referred to in Latin as the 'memento mori' which factually translates to 'remember death.' In masonic custom this is used to tell again members that we all have to die, or that loss is predictable for us all. 

Pyramids and Obelisks: 

Various argue that pyramids and obelisks are symbols of Freemasonry, but this is a extremely debated topic and not ever really established by the masons. It is most probable that Masons adopted the symbol of the pyramid, purely as a symbol of the architectural skill. The magnificence of the Great Pyramids no doubt hold up the meaning and power of the craft, and by those symbols in the Western World positively lends an air of stability to the craft, creation it a 'worldly' endeavor or unity amongst men.


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