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Preparing Artwork Specifically for Printing a t-shirt

If the artwork isn't ready using the correct techniques it isn't probable to be satisfactory to the printers. Useful tips to find the artwork prepared for printing on t-shirts:

PMS Colors

The favored color mode for t-shirt printing is PMS colors as this makes it likely to produce the most precise color scheme for the silk screen. By by the PMS colors it is a great deal easily for the printer to divide the individual colors to create the accurate artwork.

Prepare text

To avoid issue with the printers organism unable to read the precise type of print it can benefit to change the text into outlines. A profit of this is the skill to preserve the custom or obscure font and stop it being involuntarily converted to normal font that is easier to examine by the print machines.

Actual size

Creating the filled size artwork is the best way to keep away from it being attuned to competition the setting on the printer. By create the artwork at actual size it increase the chance of receiving the image printed on the t-shirt as you likely.

Printing a t-shirt
Printing a t-shirt
Save an editable copy

Just the once the final artwork is total make sure to save an editable copy. This be supposed to be kept secure in the event of need to make adjustment to the design at a afterward date. A common cause to store a endorsement of the design is for printer connected issues.

Vector artwork

It is preferable to use vector artwork in the drawing process for a diversity of reasons. Firstly, it makes certain the print design on the t-shirt is more full and secondly the colors are more definite and divide easier.


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