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Style A For Scarf men Online Fashion Summer

In winters, scarves serve an important purpose- that of keeping your neck warm, the part of your body that loses the mainly heat. In adding, by tying the scarf in a variety of ways, you can add flair to your winter men attire. Not sure how to go about with the dissimilar knots and drapes? Here are four simple tips ways to tie your scarf and look stylish on a cold winter's day or evening time useful.

Ascot Knot

This is like to the way you tie shoelaces. Wrap the scarf all the way about your neck, and without letting go of the ends, cross them behind your back and bring them back to the front. One end must be longer than the other. Cross the long end with the small one and pull the long end during the loop. position the ends so that the shorter end is enclosed by the longer one across your upper body.

Parisian Knot

Scarf tying styles fashion are of different kinds. The most fashionable way to tie a scarf, the Parisian Knot is worn by lots of men. The must here is a long scarf. Start with failure the scarf in such a way that it become half of its unique length. Hand the folded scarf across your neck, keeping the loose and looped ends crossways your chest.

Scarf for men online
Scarf for men online

Fake Knot

This method requires a medium-length scarf. Drape the scarf approximately your neck such that the ends hang level across your chest. One end should reach your mid-chest while the other should get to your upper waist. Make a knot on single end and slip the other end through it. Pull the knot to tighten. If the knot is too tight for the other end to pass during, loosen the knot without undoing it.

Once or Twice Around

For this style, decide a long scarf. Hang the scarf about your neck so that the ends sew killing across your upper body. Now throw one end of the scarf across your opposite shoulder and then bring it back to the face for a once-around. In case of twice approximately, pass the long end of the scarf about your neck once more to make a snug fit. 


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