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Colored Diamonds | Have Seen an Increase in Demand

How Do You Get Colored Diamonds?

Colored Diamond Jewelry, with diamond changeable pendants set, has turn into gradually more sought-after items. But how does the Colored diamond find its color and how do that concern the price? Let's get out.

colored diamond engagement rings
colored diamond engagement rings

What causes the color?

Colored Diamonds are one of the purest forms of carbon, crystallized additional than a 100 km beneath the earth's outside for centuries. They produce under tremendous warm and must be transported to the earth's plane in less than an hour or two by volcanic motion.
Other atoms, at times, get trapped in a colored diamond during its violent journey to the outside. Nitrogen is the most ordinary and even the least amount causes inclusion of blue light that lend the yellow diamond its blue color. The Argyle diamond, mined in Australia, is an immunity because it is in fact very pure.


The naturally going on blue diamond has a glow bluish-grey tint. It is more "steely" blue colored diamond than navy. The Hope Diamond, of course, is the most well-known among its peers. It's steeped in tradition of ghastly deaths that befall its owners from guillotine in the French Revolution to the suicide of a barrier Street broker in 1930.


These are brownish or champagne colored stones that love a selection of diamond changeable pendants set. They are also one of the most reasonably priced varieties, costing a third of the price of a white diamond. The lighter champagne diamonds are more well-liked as they shine more.


These stones get their shadow when they come in write to with radioactive equipment like uranium. The emission stains the diamond's external. The cutter has to be cautious not to shear off too a large deal of the external.

Yellow and Orange

Believe colored diamond changeable pendants set ought to have more color than Z according to the GIA D-Z grade scale. Yellow diamonds come in a variety of shades range from amber to greenish yellow. The value is similar to white diamonds and the price increase with the color strength.

Many diamond connoisseurs explain intense Blue, yellow, green diamonds as "canary". The burnt orange colored ones are less luxurious than pure orange diamond’s or gold colors.


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