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Latest Trends of Phulkari Suits Designs

The main individuality of Phulkari embroidery are the use of sew stitch on the erroneous side of clothes with colored smooth thread. The phulkari suits design is an art of embriodery as well as the making itself is also called the phulkari designs. Mostly duppattas ( huge stoles) are suits with the phulkari stitch odinis, shawals, kurtis and chunris. However something from bags to cushion cover can bring a spark of colour with this single craft. A face of style that finds its first mention in Punjabi folklore of the passionate protagonists Heer and Ranjha, Phulkari suits is a dream weaver for every Punjabi girl dress.

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phulkari suits designs
phulkari suits designs
History of Phulkari

Phulkari suits, creation of flowers, is one of the mainly colourful and vibrant embroideries, suits of India. expert in the state of Punjab, it has its origin in the fifteenth century. Its history and origin varies from person to being due to lack of evidence and documentation. The origin of this good-looking painting can be traced rear to the 15th century AD. Some people said that phulkari suits was made in the well-known love story of Heer-Ranjha written by Waris Shah (1725 -1790), Heer has many set of clothes included phulkari blog too from this it is quite noticeable that, phulkari suits an usually presented to the girl through her wedding.

One more theory which disclose that the jat tribes of east Punjab, essentially peasants migrated from central Asia, are the pioneer of this craft this was the strongest theory to which I come around during my explore these jat also carried these ability in other states of India like Rajasthan, Haryana and Gujrat.

Many early blog of phulkari were rumal, kerchief suits, embroidered somewhere through fifteenth century by sister of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, sikh guru At the end of the 15th century, the since of the Sikh religion, Guru Nanak wahe guru, wrote: "Thou art not a valuable woman until thou hast overstated thy own blouse". town women still achieve the craft, also edging bed and cushion covers and a diversity of other cloths, but the art almost positively reached its peak in the behind 19th and early 20th centuries.

Designs and Patterns

There is an wide pattern of designs used in phulkari suits. Every possible symbol of life and nature find look therein. Though it began with flowers, geometrical patterns and leaves, today, the embroidered, designs have been distended to encompass birds, animals, human information, the sun, moon, the objects of each day use and everything found on the earth.


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