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When It Comes To Pick Out a Classy Wear To a Wedding Indian

Indian Wedding Dresses For Groom

Women have myriad options to choose from and so do men. Avoid exaggeration it and go for classy, elegant attires that will be eye infectious and garner all attention. At the same, restrict too casual wears and opt for dresses that typify your roots. To top it all, select an attire that you are comfortable with and portrays your sumptuous style and the real you.
indian wedding guest dresses
indian wedding guest dresses
Below are some pointer to help you with this million-dollar question that you would have in your mind

For Men

• Sherwani - Gives you a more regal look than the kurta-pyjama. Dazzle the event with richness of this setup, if it's the wedding of a close relative. You can even wear corresponding accessories like a, turban, pearl chain etc., if the occasion strain it.

• Kurta Pyjama - To add a touch of civilization to your attire, choose the eternal kurta and pyjama and wear similar sandals or chappals. Add in a duppata/shawl to the outfit to glam it up.

• Traditional Dhoti - Particularly in a South Indian wedding, like this comfortable and airy setup and match it up with a kurta or any appropriate shirt to give you a usual look.

• Suit or a Formal Pant and Shirt - If you don't want to go in fact traditional, opt for official clothing that is not too casual and amazing that you won't wear usually. attempt out jeans with a suit jacket for a different jazzy and peppy new look.

For Women

• Saree - Go for a good-looking saree - silk, silk cotton or georgette with cheerful details and designs that embrace national and cultural traditions. Match it up with garnishing that add more magnificence to the sarees.

• Anarkali Suit - When you don't favor a saree, anarkali suit is a good option. Look elegant and stunning with an anarkali that best suits your body type. Highlight it with appropriate accessories. Keep it subtle, if you desire to highlight the accompaniments in the anarkali moreor vice versa depending on the ornamental aspect of the dress.

• Lehenga - Dazzle the occasion with grandeur with a lehenga that is not too in excess of flashy and showier than the bride of a wedding. Match it up with negligible make up and slight accessories.

The great Indian Wedding is an outstanding opportunity to meet and welcome people. First impression is the best feeling and your attire at the wedding will help you make the best impression. Hog the attention by wearing a classy dress with a touch of civilization and stand out from the throng.


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