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Five Best Lehenga Styles to Glitter Your Evening

You cannot stay Lehengas away from an Indian wedding, Party. Irrespective of the physical divergence, the Lehengas are a have to for the weddings rituals. The pre-wedding functions party are as regal as the wedding. The number of new attire in your wardrobe must be similar to the number of the Pre-wedding functions, birthday party. And then arrive the D-day, day of the marriage. The marriage ceremony showcase the beautiful Indian clothing style, a style that has become an motivation to many even in the western countries.

lehenga styles wedding
lehenga styles wedding

Tips Five best Lehenga styles for the wedding -

Bollywood Lehenga - Bollywood has been a role model actor, an Icon for many in terms of the dressing intelligence and the style. Imagine a Bollywood movie and a wedding picture; you will be enthralled by the styles and pattern. These are a imitation to what you have see on the big screen. The Bollywood enthused Lehengas are among the best sellers through the wedding season time.

Lehenga Choli - One outfit that will win the popular choice award is the designer Lehenga Choli. The Lehenga Choli is an mixture of best styles, trend and shades of Bridal Lehenga choli. With the vast range of colours like peach, gold, pink, olive and few shades of red and more; the designer Lehenga choli are a immense attire to wear which gives a bride very slight look.

Fish cut Lehenga - Have turn out to be quite popular in the new times. Also known as mermaid Lehenga, these are fixed till the knee in a tapering shape and next opens up at the base. The fish cut Lehenga is wonderful stylish and looks very fashionable. It goes very well with a bend and straight body type and conservatively it is known as a bridesmaid dress up.

Lehenga Saree - Indian costume is at its best when you converse about the Lehenga saree. Modernly designed yet retain the Indian ethnic morals, the Lehenga saree are a mix together of classy lehenga and a trendy Saree in a one part of attire. Nothing can beat the method, the fashion, the flare of a Lehenga Saree. All that for its unify of colours and the embellishment of zari and gota patti sewing.

A-Line Lehenga - Class meets fashion is what you can speak for A-line Lehengas. These Lehengas looks neat in multi colours of particular shade and with loads of sewing all over. Available in Net and Georgette cloth, A-line lehenga is tighter at the waist and broadens to the base. Very common in the weddings, you will be astonished with the styles and pattern as it looks very beautiful.


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