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Revolutionizing Military Dog Tags As Fashion Accessories | Reviews

Customized Military Dog Tags

Dog tags are perhaps known as one of the mainly important identifications for our military workers. Here, each tag represents a soldier as it identify them in terms of their religion, blood type, name and even birthdate. The tags are not only main because of their role, but they also console our soldiers in that they would never be forgotten as one section of the tag would stay with their body though the other one will be deliver back to their appreciated ones. Today, dog tags are no longer completely for the military use, as the tags also serve special roles and tasks depending on the someone wearing it.

custom dog tags for people
custom dog tags for people


With WW at its end, these tags have evolve as well. Although they are still extensively used in the army, the public can now like wearing one of their own. These piece come in the standard look but may also change depending on what the owner needs to add to the tags. This can be their own in order, a poem, a phrase or no matter which that the wearer needs to add onto their dog tags. Silver is often used but now, other metal alloys can too be used to make one.

Medical Tags

During WW, dog tags were worn to identify the dead body of the warrior. Today, these tags can help save lives. populace who have severe allergy or other health troubles can use their modified dog tags to record their health situation, attending physician as well as what medicine to use for earliest aid. Many people's lives comprise been save during this method. People who have medical situation should purchase a MedicAlert bracelet or a medical recognition to help civilians recognize their medical situation.

How to Purchase your Name Tags

Choose the name tags that anybody want depends on what reason the wearer wants to get, the design and the resources that they have. Designs for the dog tags also differs depending on anywhere one is placed. For an army tag of India for example, two tags of similar shapes are issued - an octagonal and a round disc. Belgian tags are intended to be broken into two and the similar goes with the Canadian ones. Chinese tags are two long rectangular tags presentation the wearer's in order. For fashion ones, customized pieces are also obtainable and shapes differ but rectangular ones are quite accepted.

Choosing the design is significant but do also think the chain. Neck handcuffs that are the "ball-chain" type is well-liked not only since it is worn by the military but also as it doesn't annoy the skin unlike other neck handcuffs.


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