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How to General Diamonds Jewelry Cleaning Tips

Cleaning Gold Jewelry

First and leading, never wear jewelry while showering, swimming or sleeping as they are simply prone to scratches and blemishes. Always wear your jewelry once you have finished your make up. create sure you keep everyday substance like body creams, hair sprays, lotions and perfumes gone from your jewelry, since they make the jewelry appear more dull and dark.
Few tips to keep in mind while clean-up your jewelry:

It's important that you clean jewelry in a clean bowl and not in the sink so that not anything gets lost behind the drain.

Clean one part at a time and avoid apply too much force on jewelry while clean-up.
Make use of mild soaps and solution while cleaning any jewelry.

If you are use a tooth brush to fresh the miniature areas of jewelry, then create sure the bristles of the brush are flexible and smooth.

Your jewelry prongs and settings also require to be handled with care, as they might find loose while cleaning.

Lastly, don't put your jewelry all collectively in a box. Store your jewelry neatly in a clean box or cover it in a flexible cloth.

How To Clean Jewelry
How To Clean Jewelry
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