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Choose The Perfect Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

Custom Diamonds Engagement Rings

If you are consider diamonds, you can give the Asscher cut engagement rings a thinking. This cut was introduce in Holland, around early on 1900s by Joseph Asscher. It is too called the rectangle emerald cut. In the year 2001, this diamond engagement cut was revamp a little to make a new design called "Royal Asscher".

Images Asscher Cut Engagement Rings
Images Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

You will get asscher cut engagement rings in together solitaire and multi-stone setting. The four-prong, trellis and minster settings actually lift an asscher cut diamond rings. This is because they allow a great deal more light to stream in attractive its reflective character. These settings are extremely practical designs, particularly for a woman who do a lot of work with her hand, because it is simple to clean.

The Cut

A sibling of the emerald green cut, it looks stylish with its old world charm. It borrow the same straight lines of an bright green cut diamond, only it is rectangle while the emerald green cut is rectangular. The crop corners emphasize the diamond's striking look. The step cut and tall crown silhouette of asscher cut engagement rings enhance the shimmer of the gemstone. It has a large (less than an emerald cut) and open work surface.

The original cut feature 58 facets while the new description has an added 16, amounting to 74 facets. The latter through its greater number of facet offers more fire and flash. The Asscher cut engagement rings contain an octagonal outline and you be able to see a faint X on its face, owing to its symmetrical figure.


When buy asscher cut engagement rings, clarity of the gemstone is very significant. This is because unlike princess and surrounding cuts, they don't hide flaw very well. For the most excellent grade diamonds, settle for not anything less than a stone among the flawless and VS2 score.

Color Characteristics

On the GIA color level you can decide any color between D-H. D-F diamonds are on the whiter side and are best built-in in a platinum or white gold location. G-H diamonds have a small hint of color.

Asscher cut engagement rings are luxurious as the cut is a complex one and demands accuracy. Hence, you must make sure you find the gemstones from a trust and reliable dealer. If purchase online, whether it is a around, asscher, princess or emerald green cut engagement ring, make sure the gemstone and jewelry wholesaler offers a repay policy.

Images Asscher Cut Engagement Rings


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